“I contacted Julie to help me lose weight before my wedding. Throughout my life I’ve tried many different ways to lose weight and generally had been successful, but this time was different. Exercise was not enough to shed the extra pounds I had put on.  Julie customized a plan that was perfect for my needs. Our first goal was to reduce the stress that was causing me to to retain excess weight. Once my stress level decreased, we began to focus on my nutrition. Julie taught me which foods I should eat to live a healthier lifestyle. By eating whole, natural foods and healthy fats, I was able to lose weight. Julie taught me that there are times in life when a celebration does not have to mean over-indulging. I learned to make better choices and that if I planned ahead, I could remain successful. My wedding has passed, I lost 10 pounds, and my stress level is in check. I am proud to have reached my weight loss goal and am even more excited to continue to work with Julie to learn additional ways to continue to live a healthier lifestyle. I appreciate her knowledge and the support she has given me. I have enjoyed my journey towards healthy living!”
Nicole, Littleton CO

“I worked with Julie extensively last year when I wanted to eliminate processed sugar from my diet and identify food sensitivities.  Julie not only provided the practical knowledge to help in these areas, she provided an excellent support system that made our time together educational and fun.”
Liz, Boulder CO

“My mom is doing GREAT! She embraced the basic eating plan Julie suggested and has much more energy. She restarted her Pilates class, has driven friends to class, and restarted her volunteer work, too — something she hasn’t done in over a year! She’s off all the gastro meds (no Zantac, no Bentyl) and her memory and anxiety are better. She still has some signs of dementia, but it is much, much better than when she was on the drugs. Thanks to Julie’s assistance and insight, it’s made a wonderful difference and helped both my parents so much.”
Mary, Longmont, CO

“Julie, thanks for your presentation.  It was refreshing to hear factual and pragmatic ideas rather than silver-bullet/fad/hype.”
Sabine, Longmont, CO

“I struggled with IBS for a long time.  When I started to alter my lifestyle to accommodate the episodes, I realized that I needed to get to the bottom (pun intended) of the triggers.  That’s when I asked Julie to help me identify possible food sensitivities.  Julie promptly laid out a systematic elimination diet that was easy to follow.  We met weekly to discuss food reactions, and she provided recipes appropriate for the weeks’ menus.  I always looked forward to her visits because it meant reintroducing a new food!  Julie eagerly helped me solve most of my food mysteries by asking thoughtful, logical questions.  I lost 14 lbs through this process, and I wasn’t hungry!  And yes, I’ve kept off the weight. Best of all, my IBS is so much better.  A recent trip to Europe did not set me back at all.”
Kathleen, Boulder, CO

“I worked with Julie for a series of personal nutrition sessions.  I was so impressed by her demeanor and knowledge, I invited her to provide a series of nutrition classes for my employees.  Julie’s approach is perfect for people who know very little about nutrition as well as for those who know quite a bit.  She not only takes the time to listen, she has a style that makes you feel comfortable and uses techniques and language that you can understand.  Her presentation is easy to follow and implement once the class is over, too.  My team and I incorporated many healthful habits into our daily diets. It was fun to learn as a team and help each other lead healthier lives.”
Kerri, Boulder CO


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