“Since menopause, I have struggled with adrenal fatigue.  Julie heard my struggles with eating and work patterns. I wasn’t getting enough protein or quality snacks to sustain me throughout my busy day.  Julie showed me what I needed to eat to ease out of this cycle. I am so grateful for her careful listening, understanding and knowledge. She has empowered me to take better care of myself.  Julie has a gentle approach with lots of important knowledge about nutrition that I needed at this time in my life.”     Donna D, Life Transition & Mindfulness Coach, Boulder CO

“When I heard Julie speak, I was very focused on hormones, particularly around adrenal and thyroid issues. Julie explained how high blood sugar affects thyroid health, and that prompted me to begin to really look at the effect of blood sugar spikes on my system. Before that, I was listing my ailments (e.g., fatigue, muscle weakness, joint pain, gut issues, skin issues, hair loss, brittle nails, etc.) and trying to find specific nutrient ‘magic bullets’ to help each ailment. After Julie’s workshop, I paid closer attention to my blood sugar levels and increased my fat consumption. My symptoms lifted. Thank you, Julie, for the coaching!”     Laura A, Technology Deal Manager, Longmont, CO

“I worked with Julie for a series of personal nutrition sessions. I was so impressed by her demeanor and knowledge, I invited her to provide a series of nutrition classes for my employees at Spavia. Julie’s approach is perfect for people who know very little about nutrition as well as for those who know quite a bit. She not only takes the time to listen, she has a style that makes you feel comfortable and uses techniques and language that you can understand. Her presentation is easy to follow and implement once the class is over. My team and I have incorporated many healthful habits into our daily diet. It was fun to learn as a team so we can all help each other lead healthier lives.”     Kerri F, former owner of Spavia Day Spa, Boulder CO

“As a client of Julie’s for over 3 months, I have found her pleasant and easy to work with. Julie is caring, efficient and dependable.”     Lynn C, Oxford, MS

“Julie, thanks for your presentation. It was refreshing to hear factual and pragmatic ideas rather than silver-bullet/fad/hype.”     Sabine A, Entrepreneur & International Consultant-Catalyst, Boulder, CO

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