What I did last weekend…

I got to spend a recent weekend in one of my happy spaces…NANP’s annual conference for nutrition professionals. Geeking out at HEALCon makes my heart sing. The conference is the most in-depth holistic nutrition gathering of the year. Not only is it THE place to stay up on what’s new in the field of holistic nutrition, it is also an opportunity to acquire Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and connect with friends and colleagues from around the U.S. and Canada.

My head is still full of new insights that I can’t wait to share in upcoming posts.

Most breakout sessions emphasized stress resilience…my nutrition jam! Few of us are aware of just how much stress we experience day after day, especially in our current environment. Magnesium-rich foods promote relaxation, support digestion, and can enhance your quality of sleep. My message to you…eat your greens!

Other conference topics included:

  • Benefits of mushrooms for immune support. A supportive constituent in mushrooms is beta-glucan. Reishi, maitake, and shiitake mushrooms, for example, have been shown to positively impact those affected by fatigue, poor sleep, and mood swings.
  • Dietary approaches to consider for compromised digestion. There is no single dietary approach that will resolve digestive disturbances. Individuals who experience similar symptoms may be triggered by different foods and therefore require different approaches for relief. 
  • Making nutrition affordable and accessible to all. Many of us are more fortunate than others when it comes to having access to affordable, nutrient-rich food. Making food available is one thing; knowing what to do with the food you have is quite another.
  • EMF exposure and its effect on those who are particularly sensitive.There is so much to unpack about this topic. EMF exposure is all around us, especially in households running electronic devices 24/7.
  • Mold toxicity, auto-immunity, and mental health. Have you ever had water damage in your home or office space? Mycotoxins, the toxins produced by mold, affect mitochondria. When mitochondria are damaged, cells do not have the energy to support proper body function.

Can you see why my head is still full? A common link among these topics is how the body reacts when it encounters both internal and external stressors. Awareness is the first step to mitigating these effects. That’s where I can help.

I would love to hear what’s on your mind regarding your health. Do you have a food question? A lifestyle question? A general curiosity?

Reply to this email or contact me with what’s on your mind.

Changing health outcomes at a global level means engaging as a community. It starts by asking a question.

What are you curious about?

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