What’s your snack of choice?

We all like to snack. What if you turned your food snacks into movement snacks?

I first heard the term “movement snack” while listening to a podcast by Jim Kwik and Dr. Stephanie Estima. This podcast is about balancing stress hormones and the effects of chronic stress on the brain. It got me thinking about movement as another facet of immune support.

The body was designed to move. Movement of any kind stimulates the circulatory system; the primary communication pathway that connects every cell and organ in the body. Consider your circulatory system the superhighway that transports immune signals through your body…from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes. Movement is the mechanism that helps optimize the signaling that keeps your immune system on alert while it supports and protects you.

Movement of any kind slows the release of stress hormones. It stimulates the ongoing communication between cells and tissues encouraging both to be on the lookout for potential invaders. Movement increases body temperature and, when high enough, may prevent pathogens from sticking around; similar to how a fever helps immune cells more quickly reach and attack harmful germs. Movement activates the lymphatic system, too, a critical player in the immune pathway that keeps white blood cells like phagocytes and lymphocytes circulating to fight off infections on your behalf.

If you knew that additional benefits of physical activity included reduced aches and pains, improved stability and coordination, stronger bones and muscles, lower blood pressure and heart rate, a decrease in inflammation markers, delayed onset of age-related decline, and elevated mood, would you get out of your chair to grab a movement snack…now?

“The body will become better at whatever you do or don’t do. You don’t move? The body will make you better at not moving. If you move, your body will allow more movement.”
~ Ido Portal

If these aren’t reasons enough to keep you on your feet and active, movement just feels good!

Whether you exercise with abandon or engage in lower-intensity activities throughout your day, movement is an impactful immune enhancer.

So how will you snack today?

Share your top three movement snacks on my Facebook page or leave your shares below. I am eager to support your commitment to keeping your immune system healthy.

Until next time, keep shining your light!

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