Inspiring Immunity

This week’s inspiration comes from Brigitte Mars, herbalist, author, professor, and wildcrafting expert. Brigitte was one of my instructors while attending Bauman College during my nutrition studies. She is an expert in understanding how the plant world offers a cornucopia of health-promoting and immune-supportive options that are easy to add to your diet and lifestyle, especially when you are feeling a bit under the weather.

In this short video, Brigitte shares:

  • Colors of the vegetable rainbow that are especially protective
  • Culinary herbs and seasonings that have a long history of “inspiring” immunity while also imparting delightful flavors
  • Herbal allies that can help you safely bolster your immune system
  • Essential oils that are particularly good for immunity
  • Other simple, natural steps that can help insulate you from illness

This longer introduction to the health-giving treasures of the plant world offers many gems that are sure to pique your interest, too.

For a deeper dive into the plant world and all that it has to offer, including learning more about immune health, consider Brigitte’s upcoming Ten Week Herbal Healing Course beginning in just a few days…17-March 2021. To learn more about the course, contact Brigitte directly.

Plants have essential nutrients that are not found in other foods. To keep your immune system supported so that it can support you, include the array of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants found only in the colorful world of plants.

If you missed the first two episodes in this series about immune health, you can read them here.

Until next time, keep shining your light!

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