Happy-dance day!

It is with excitement, pride and gratitude that I share some good news. I am now among a recognized group of colleagues who are Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®. Sitting for the board exam…and passing…was a significant step. Validating proof-of-hours and meeting other stringent requirements was an even bigger undertaking.

Why the excitement? Because this certification puts me in standing with a small yet ever-growing group of nutrition professionals who have achieved a standard of excellence that the public can trust to deliver holistic nutrition services with the highest integrity.

I am proud because, as a self-proclaimed education junkie, I set my sights on achieving this certification and accomplished my goal. Yay!

But most of all I am grateful for family, friends, clients, colleagues, and followers of my work who believe in me, trust my knowledge and guidance, are my cheerleaders, and stay engaged by bringing me challenges and sharing personal trials and successes. Each one of you has been tremendous support. I could not have done it without you!


So what does my newly acquired “stamp of approval” do for you, my clients and followers?

It means I met…and will continue to uphold…the educational and ethical standards required by the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board (HNCB). HNCB set these standards to recognize those in the field of nutrition who have advanced knowledge and in-depth experience in holistic nutrition. Board certification sets me apart in the health and wellness industry as proof that I have gone above and beyond in this field of study.

It means you can be assured that I take your health concerns seriously by practicing within my legal scope of service and adhering to HNCB’s professional standard of conduct with a focus on delivering quality services and results.

It means that, through me, you have access to professional-grade products and research from wellness industry leaders available only to those who have met this gold standard in the holistic nutrition profession.

I am honored to have your support, your trust, and your friendship. As any educator, coach or mentor will tell you, it is a true pleasure to see change happen. For me, it is especially true when that change helps you gain control of your health and well-being in as natural a way as possible. I am committed to helping you create a vibrant life through nutrition.

Here’s to your health and vitality!

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I believe good health is as close as your kitchen. My nutrition practice is based on nutrient-dense, whole food and lifestyle choices that support health and wellness, especially during times of high stress and transitions. My role is to educate, guide and support individuals who want to break the stress-induced cycle of depletion and regain control of their health. I am Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® and look forward to helping you create a vibrant life. To learn more, contact me at 303-594-4401 or by email

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